Coyote In A Graveyard

1984 Rock Opera

A new story in a new hospital?

The fantasy that became a true story in North Hollywood.

Coyote In A Graveyard at Madame Wong's West

This rock opera was written and performed during the 1984 launch of Shaolin Records.  Michael J. Fox joined us onstage.  New World Pictures requested a screenplay.  Little did we realize the truth of this rock opera story that represented the exploitation of the homeless in Los Angeles.  Richard went from performing it to living out the actual rock opera story thirty years later.

1978 Rock Opera wins KPRI Battle of Bands

The Pauper

Winners of KPRI Battle of Bands
Recording "The Pauper"


This rock opera was written by Richard Del Connor in 1975 based upon life in a California commune of peaceful hippies. Dann Link joined this project. The band performed under this name, Underground, mostly in their San Diego downtown rental on G Street. Sometimes they referred to themselves as "The G Street Band" when groupies asked...

In Violence

Underground rock opera PART 2 is the political activism that promotes violent antiwar activities. In 1976 Richard dreamed of the evolution of a self-defensive commune in the Los Angeles mountains into armed activists. Combining the two rock operas, Underground + In Violence, Richard would later write the novel, SID'S PLACE.

The Pauper

In 1977 Richard Del Connor awoke from a dream and said to the girl sleeping next to him, "I need to go buy a flute." This rock opera he dreamed was based on his interrupting a satanic sacrifice in ancient England. The story propelled him into the future where he envisioned himself as a homeless flutist with a beard.

8 LEVEL Spiritual Journey of American Zen

American Zen

When Richard Del Connor moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1991 he became a one-man band.
Richard becomes a Mr. Mom
ASCAP Music Publisher
Founded 1984
Photojournalist, Cinematographer
Web Design by The Hippy Coyote
Original Chinese Zen Buddhism

Start Your Spiritual Journey at LEVEL 1

American Zen Website 
is divided into 8 LEVELS of 8 sections.  One LEVEL per album.

Each LEVEL consists of 

The website at was built LEVEL 1  to  LEVEL 4
as each album was released by American Zen from 1999 to 2010.  The last four LEVELS have not been built until the last four (already recorded) albums are released.

The poetry portrays each LEVEL of Richard’s spiritual development.  The lyrics are from the album of that LEVEL.

Many of these products have been hacked and stolen by affiliates.  Today, April 30, 2020, I am unable to edit these webpages and has been unhelpful in resolving these thefts.  This website will hopefully be offering products that will put money into my PayPal account–not theirs.

Let me know if you order something from so I can start resolving this hacked-my-site issue.


Start the American Zen spiritual journey at LEVEL 1

This rock opera contains the songs in the order they were written.  This rock opera autobiography was originally released on cassettes in 1994.  One side of each 60-minute cassette was 11 songs of 4-track music recorded in the living room of my Transwest apartment.  The B-side of the cassette was 11 poems recorded in stereo at my oriental desk.

The birth of Shaolin Chi Mantis

From 1988 to 1991 Richard O’Connor (my name from 1980 to 2007) had interns from the L.A. Music Connection ads offereing “FREE Kung Fu to Record Company Interns.”

In 1992 in Salt Lake City this became my primary business when I realized people would pay for classes, but didn’t want to be involved with “rock’n’roll.”

Where do I go from HERE?

How should I know?

My life is the most bizare rock opera of all time.

The more success I seem to earn — the more reality ignores me.  I’ve recorded five albums in the back of my Tacoma truck during the last six years of being homeless in North Hollywood.  I have no way of completing them and releasing them right now since losing my last computer in 2010.  That’s why the website appears frozen in time.  It gave me a sad giggle to link it to the corresponding album cover below. One of those albums recorded in “TACOMA STUDIOS” is an anti-war record that could bring peace to our planet.  Another album is a heavy metal rap album teaching the “4 Noble Truths of Buddhism” that could result in the creation of a million Buddhas…  I’ve got 18 Facebook pages, 2 Instagram accounts, and 2 Patreon accounts for five years without a single donation.  I think I’ve set a new record for a lack of album sales at  I released the final American Zen album, “END OF THE LINE,” and the only single album sale is to myself so I could verify it was working.

Oh, I am selling albums in Europe.  Someone is selling vinyl albums with my name on them.  No royalties for me.

Amazon is selling shrink-wrapped CDs of American Zen that  I never pressed.

I need an attorney.  I’m in isolation due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, but my current concern is waiting for my $1,200 dollar subsidy check  from  the Trump government so I can repair my Tacoma and pay my annual auto registration before they tow it away from my apartment parking lot.  The only reason and I my cat are off the street is because of a surgery to fix a malpractice surgery that hospitalized me for many months and qualified me for Section 8.  That’s the final irony of my life as I ended up in a hospital of homeless people JUST LIKE my original story of COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD.  

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