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LEVEL 7 = End Of The Line album by American Zen, recorded in Tacoma Studios (his truck) while traveling from Las Vegas to San Diego as a rock concert stage hand. This album represents the end of his Mr. Mom life, divorce, and rebirth of his new life with an adopted cat named, “Bear” (Kung Fu Cowboy Bear). Together, The Hippy Coyote and Bear would live in his truck until 2019.

Produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records.

LEVEL 7 = End Of The Line is the 7th album of the American Zen spiritual odyssey. This album was recorded in 2014 as Coyote lived in his Tacoma truck, traveling from Las Vegas to San Diego as a stagehand for artists that included Neil Diamond, Motley Crue, and Brad Paisley.
It was during a Brad Paisley concert near the Mexican border in an outdoor amphitheater that a small tan scorpion crawled up Coyote’s arm and stung him in the neck below his Adam’s apple causing him to swell up and almost die of a heart attack. Thus, the song “Scorpion Resurrection,” was inspired by this long tedious physical rehabilitation of walking up stairs and going on hikes in the chaparral canyons… to undo the damage to his leg muscles.
So being stung by a scorpion, abandoned by his grownup kids, divorced by his wife, and homeless in his car… this is the backdrop for this final phase of Richard Del Connor / The Hippy Coyote / Kung Fu Cowboy on his Zen Buddhist odyssey that began in 1991 as a Mr. Mom.
This LEVEL 7 of the Zen Buddhist journey was supposed to be Richard dedicated to serving his community and being the proud recipient of his children’s love and artistic support. Although Coyote’s love for his kids never ended, thisLEVEL 7 prepared him for the final LEVEL 8 which is the bridge between Earth and Heaven.
The songs on the album are in the order they were written and create a ROCK OPERA MUSICAL MEMOIR of The Hippy Coyote life in 2013 and 2014 as Richard Del Connor completes the first screenplay with Scott Karahadian of the Kung Fu Cowboy movie series, to become a 6-movie story of Richard’s fantasy life between life and death. This first screenplay titled, Kung Fu Cowboy: Rock & Roll Movie 1, includes the theme song, “Scorpion Resurrection,” which details the homeless life of Richard Del Connor that did not end until 2019.

  • The Hippy Coyote “Kung Fu Cowboy:” songs, vocals, electric guitar, flute
  • Rory G: lead guitar
  • Tom Calder: electric bass
  • Steve Hixon: drums
  • Don delaVega: recording engineer

Produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records.
Copyright 2014 Shaolin Music. All rights reserved.
Distributed by Shaolin Communications.

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